As an international student,

you are invited to be a part of a unique 3-Credit Course:

facilitated dialogue
across cultures

This class is different than most others because it emphasizes learning through dialogue, collaborative critical thinking and cross-cultural examination of social issues. It employs an inductive approach to learning, where you will learn by developing hypotheses from the experiences you have throughout the semester.

course information

SOC 300

Facilitated Dialogues Across Cultures

3 Sections Offered

Thursdays 4:35-5:50 PM -- Section 604 (#18840) -- 123 Pond Lab

Thursdays 6:00-7:15 PM -- Section 603 (#17978) -- 122 Pond Lab

Thursdays 6:00-7:15 PM -- Section 605 (#19713) -- 123 Pond Lab

After you complete the form above, the course manager Sheffy Minnick will contact you.

Watch our playlist of highlights from previous semesters

The course has now broadened to include any international students despite these videos showcasing the dialogues that included Chinese students and Middle Eastern participants.