Jeff finished his bachelors in Telecommunications from Penn State in the Spring of 2017 and is now helping maintain and innovate the office technology as well as expanding the implementation and reach of the Soc 119 live stream. In the office, Jeff is the go-to guy for anything technology. Outside of the office, Jeff is the main producer, editor, innovation manager and student contact for the Soc 119 live stream.

Originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Jeff grew up working with all times of media. Starting with a love for radio and expanding to being a part of online live streams for his home church, Jeff has learned his way around producing live streams.

Jeff took Soc 119 in the fall of his junior year off the recommendation of an adviser at a branch Penn State campus. After trying out the class for the first week, Jeff knew there was something special about the work that was happening. The following semester Jeff became a TA for Soc 119 and was introduced to the “live stream” that was starting. Jeff instantly wanted to join the team to help create and develop the stream to send the message of Soc 119 out into the world!