Dr. Laurie Mulvey - Executive Director


For nearly thirty years, Dr. Laurie Mulvey has been creating classroom spaces that revolve around students rather than lesson plans, and where nuance, uncertainty and a multiplicity of perspectives are crucial to the enterprise of learning. What she now understands is that this type of space is not only necessary to education, but to every venue where humans collaborate and conflict.

As a co-founder of World in Conversation, Dr. Mulvey’s vision has infused every aspect of the Center. Under her leadership, World in Conversation has become the largest university-based cross-cultural dialogue program in the United States. In addition, her innovative Social Conflict course inspired the Center’s global (virtual) dialogues which have attracted the interest of partners around in world--in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Peru, China, Denmark, Bulgaria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Germany and Thailand (and the list is growing).

Dr. Mulvey earned a Master's degree in Social Work from Rutgers University and a Ph.D. in Human Development from Penn State—which means she is devoted to how people navigate, grow, and heal throughout the lifespan, and how all of this occurs in the context of interpersonal relationships, family, small groups, cultures and societies.

Email: laurie@worldinconversation.org